Welcome to English Exam review - (20 points)

Please review the following directions:

  1. Include a table of contents (use the widget above).
  2. Include a picture, chart, or graph for your page. Document MLA if you borrow it from the web.
  3. Include general information for each topic (author, setting -both time and place, when it was written, main theme or themes) as well as any information from the notes on this piece of writing that is relevant -check your notes.
  4. For each text, include in your review each character (sort of a who's who) . Does any character change, develop or grow? If so, what causes this to happen?
  5. If you are reviewing a text - identify the parts (exposition, rising action, climax, resolution). What is the most important part or parts of the text?
  6. Each review should be at least 300 words. More may be necessary for some. Don't overdo it. Too much information can be just as unhelpful as too little.
  7. Remember - this is your review. The more work you put into it the more it will help you.

Any plagiarizing will receive an automatic zero!

Every member must contribute! Show the parts that each member does, so I can give credit accordingly.

The following needs to be in your review:

Literature: Antigone, Beowulf, and Winter King
Parts of Speech review (Noun, Pronoun, Adjective, Verb), Subject and Verb, Comma Rules

Also need to know the following for your exam:
Vocabulary - All of them
Notes on Old English and Canterbury Tales
Becket - The Movie